2016 HFA Annual Meeting in Bay Head, NJ

Charles A “Chuck” Higdon, our current HFA President, invites all members of the Higdon Family Association to meet in Bay Head, NJ, for our 2016 Annual HFA Meeting, from Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Sunday, October 16, 2016 (3 nights), at the Grenville HotelThe standard room with a queen size bed will be $427.38 for the three nights. The next bigger has the Queen bed and a small sofa or futon, at $472.18 for the three nights. Both prices include the taxes. There are two larger type rooms as well. The location is one and a half blocks from the ocean.

 If you’d like to join us for an interesting and enjoyable three day series of events and meetings, you can get information to call The Grenville and book a room by clicking this link: 


The Grenville Hotel does not have online booking yet, so you will have to call the reservations desk and indicate you are with the Higdon Family Association. Further details about this are included on the 2016 HFA Registration Form.  

Below are: an overview  the hotel’s history, an overview of their website page [links not working, of course] a map showing New Jersey and surrounding states [as well as Philadelphia and New York], a map showing exactly where Bay Head, NJ, is located, and a 2016 HFA Registration Form: to type-in info & print out OR print out & fill-in by hand, AND mail in.pdf

If you wish you can type-in the information and print out the filled-in form directly from your screen OR you can print out the form directly from your screen and fill it in by hand. Then, mail the filled-out form with check or money order to the address of Charles A. Higdon as listed on the form. 

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