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The Brome Howard Manor House is a perfect example of a mid-nineteenth century gentleman's plantation house that was built by Dr. Brome for his new bride in 1840. The house was the cornerstone of a 3,000 acre tobacco and wheat plantation and was the center of life in St. Mary's City. It was passed down through three generations and was used both as a full-time residence by the Howard family and a summer retreat to the Bennett and Howard families.

In 1980, the State of Maryland bought the house from the Howard family. It had been built over one of the most historic sites in Maryland history, thus protecting the 17th-century remains of the state's first capital. In an effort to reconstruct the original St. Maries City, the house was moved to its present location in 1994. The area where the Brome Howard house now sits is part of Greene's Freehold, the home of Maryland's second governor.

Enjoy the original charm and grace of this beautiful home and step back to a time when quiet, civilized and gracious living prevailed. Stroll the formal gardens and delight in the beauty and scents. Snip some fresh chamomile and lavender for your tea or bath… read a book, or simply watch the tide come in.

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