Denton Higdon's father, "Sam" Higdon


Samuel “Sam” Higdon (b. Jan. 14, 1920, d.1997)

Stella Higdon, wife of Sam Higdon, with her grandson Ryan and great grandsons Joshua and Jacob Samuel (Sam) Higdon

Thomas Bragg Higdon (b. June 04, 1855 - d. February 03, 1937) was the eleventh child born to William Huffman Higdon and Jane Buchanan Higdon. Thomas Bragg Higdon married three times and fathered eighteen children. At left: “Sam” Higdon was the seventh and last child of Thomas Bragg Higdon and Lula Shepard.

 Thomas Bragg Higdon participated actively in community affairs in North Carolina, serving two terms as Sheriff of Macon County and later as a state representative.

 At rightStella Coggins Higdon, wife of “Sam” Higdon, with their  grandson Ryan and great grandsons Joshua and Jacob. Stella died in 2012 at age 86.

Jacob Higdon observing the final resting place of his great-great grandmother Lula Shephard Higdon

at Higdonville Baptist Church in Franklin, North Carolina

“Sam”’s photo was sent to us by their son, Denton Higdon. Stella’s photo and the image of Lula Shepard’s tombstone were sent to us by their grandson, Ryan.

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