Family Tree Itinerary 1836-1974 by Roy Albert Higdon


Higdon, Roy. Family Tree Itinerary 1836-1974, … Including a History of Higdon, Alabama.  (Self-Published) Alabama, History, Families, Genealogy, 32 pages.  

An apparently comprehensive genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Walker Higdon (1855-1936), and a short history of the town named after his family: Higdon, Alabama.  Useful to a genealogist for historical background concerning anyone living in Alabama over the last one hundred fifty years. 

This typed and photocopied booklet is not commercially available through most online booksellers and is not available in digital edition. There are also no free, archived digital editions. If you have any questions concerning the Higdons connected with Higdon, Alabama, please email our Newsletter Editor Barbara Tedford. Thank you.

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