Sketches of the early Catholic missions of Kentucky

Sketches of the early Catholic missions of Kentucky 2

Spalding, Martin John, 1810-1872, and Stephen T. Badin, 1768-1853. Sketches of the early Catholic missions of Kentucky: from their commencement in 1787, to the Jubilee of 1826-7, embracing a summary of the early history of the state, the adventures of the first Catholic emigrants, biographical notices of the early missionaries, the early history of the principal Protestant sects in Kentucky, with some account of the establishment of the episcopal see at Bardstown, of the various religious societies, and of the general state of the Catholic religion  in Kentucky. (B.J. Webb and Brother, Louisville, KY, 1844) Kentucky History, Narratives, Citations. 280 pages.

B.J. Webb uses this book for the early portions of his book on The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky. Because the time period covered is much shorter than Webb’s book, these Sketches … contain many more interesting and much more detailed stories.

Available in reprinted edition from online bookstores (for about $50 -$150). Not available in digital edition from online bookstores. An online archived edition in 18 different digital formats (including epub), can be downloaded from the Internet Archive for no charge, and can be read through Kindle, iBooks, and other electronic readers. 

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