The Boys from Georgia by Charles P. Higdon

The Boys from Georgia cover 2

Higdon, Charles P. The Boys from Georgia (self-published, 112 Blossom Lane, Clinton TN, 2010) North Georgia History, Family and Career Photographs, Original Source Documents: Telegrams, Letters. 100 pages.

A biographical account of Charles Evans Higdon, and his family. An excellent ‘local boy makes good’ story. Useful to any genealogist interested in the family of William Thomas Higdon (b. 1867) & Mary Elmira Arp “Doll” Higdon (b.1875), his wife. Valuable information for researchers interested in the southern Appalachian mountains in the area of the intersection of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. 

This printed book is not commercially available through most online booksellers. There are no free, archived digital editions. No U.S. libraries carry this book. If interested in finding a copy, please contact Author Charles P. Higdon at:

NOTE: This book is not a standard genealogy or history book. It is best described as genealogical fiction. The immediate genealogy is accurate. The historical background is accurate. However, the story reads much like a very good, modern crime thriller. Charles P. Higdon is very open about which sections of the narrative are fictional, and why. His problem as an author was to write a biography about his uncle Charles, who started his government career as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and ended his government career as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. Much of his uncle Charles’ career activities are still classified.  

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