The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky.

The Centenary of Catholicty in Kentucky

Webb, Benjamin J. The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky. (Charles A. Rogers Co., 1884) Kentucky History, Engravings, Narratives, Index. 595 pages.

Reading through various history books about early Kentucky history, one will invariably see that many of the citations used in these books refer back to this massive history of the first 100 years of Catholicism in Kentucky, including the migration of Catholics from Maryland to Kentucky in the period 1785-1825. Many other groups from Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland also migrated to Kentucky. Always a minority group in Maryland and still in the minority today in Kentucky, these Catholic farmers were amazingly successful, both economically and reproductively.

This book is commercially available through most online booksellers (printed edition for about $35, digital edition for about $1, and free to read online at HathiTrust Digital Library and through Inter-Library Loan).

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