The Thomas Higdon Family of Polk County, Tennessee

Higdon Hotel, at completion 1914Higdon Hotel, Reliance, TN 4

Lillard, William Garland. The Thomas Higdon Family of Polk County, Tennessee: Ancestors and Descendants. (Benton, TN, 2000) History, Map, Photos. 69 pages. 

This 69-page spiral bound book provides comprehensive information on the Thomas Higdon family and includes many pictures. Calvin Higdon and his wife Amanda Linderman Higdon, who together built a small hotel in Reliance, Tennessee, are part of this historical account. 

This book is rare, and is not available in printed edition at online booksellers, or in digital editions, or in digital library archives. 

HOWEVER, one traditional U.S. library carries this book, which they do lend out through the interlibrary loan system.

ALSO, this book is available, printed on demand, from the The Polk County News, P.O. Box 129, Benton, TN 37307. The cost for this book is $12 and includes shipping. Please call 423-338-2818 to re-confirm price and estimated time to fulfill your order.

photo at upper left: Higdon Hotel, at completion in  1914. One of the images in Lilliard’s book above.

photo at lower left: Higdon Hotel, in 2014 - the Reliance Historic District has slated this building for historical restoration. Image capture by Randy Cole.

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