Higdon, Tyre Glenn (b.1850) - and his wife Sarah "Serry" Long Higdon

Tyre Glenn Higdon and his wife Sarah "Serry" Long Higdon and some of their children. They had eleven in all. Those in the picture are: Joseph, James, Huel, Sally, Edd, May, Sam, and Carrie. The girl in the background was a neighbor. Glen Higdon of Georgia sent us this picture. Tyre Glenn Higdon is Glen’s great-grandfather; Huel Nelson Higdon is Glen’s grandfather.

Tyre Glenn Higdon and wife "Serry" Long

According to the August 1975 Higdon Family Newsletter Edd Higdon tells us that Serry Long Higdon was born Oct. 19, 1859, at Robbinsville, North Carolina, and died August 19, 1940, at Dalton, Georgia. She was the daughter of Riley Long. A couple of different sources show that Tyre Glenn Higdon was born January 19, 1850, in Gilmer, North Carolina, and died Oct. 24, 1924, in Fannin County, Georgia. His parents were Samuel Higdon (born July 2, 1822, in Jackson, North Carolina) and Mary Polly Queen. Tyre and Sarah were the parents of:

  1. John Baxter Higdon, born July 17, 1879; died at Vero Beach, Florida. He married Lola McDonald (who died); he then married Ida Chastain.
  2. Mary Higdon, born about 1881; died at age three in Fannin County.
  3. Roenia Higdon, born July 19, 1883; died March 22, 1965, in California. She married Zack Campbell.
  4. Joseph Higdon, born January 19, 1885; died August 8, 1961, at Acworth , Georgia. He married Mollie Mathews.
  5. James Woods Higdon, born January 12, 1889; died July 01, 1952, at Calhoun, Georgia. He married Ollie Harper.
  6. Huel Nelson Higdon, born March 29, 1891; died June 23, 1965, at Blue Ridge, Georgia. He married Ida Pelfrey.
  7. Sally Higdon, born December 8, 1892; died December 03, 1912, at Higdon, Georgia.
  8. Edd Higdon, born November 30, 1895; died August 06, 1985, at Fannin County, Georgia. He married Dollie Williamson.
  9. May Higdon, born February 08, 1898; died July 05, 1959, at Dalton, Georgia. She married Andrew Phillips.
  10. William Samuel Higdon, born March 10, 1901; he married Roenia Garland (who died); then he married Irene Glass.
  11. Carrie Higdon, born February 09, 1904; she married Morgon Pelfrey. 

Glen writes, “The man in the hat and white shirt, and the lady in the black dress have to be my grandparents: Huel Nelson Higdon and Ida Belle Pelfrey." (They are in the center of the picture near the doors of the church.) Huel Nelson Higdon (1891-1965) and Ida Pelfrey Higdon (1895-1965) are buried at Mountain View Baptist cemetery near Mobile, Georgia.

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