Gale Robertson help request

Robert Neil Higdon and Family in Portrait Photograph

Gale Robertson, great-grandson to Robert Neil Higdon sent the wonderful family photo. Gale is from Fort Worth, Texas and would appreciate any information that Higdons or Higdon relatives might have about Robert Neil Higdon and his family. If you have any news, please contact our Newsletter Editor.    

Higdon, Robert Neil - and Family

top row, from left: Alex L Higdon Jr., John L. Higdon, Robert Neil Higdon, Mrs. Robert Neil Higdon, Sallie E. Traweek, R. Neill Higdon Williams, Annie Clay Higdon.

second row from left: Charlie O. Higdon, Robert Neil Higdon Jr., Ernestine F. Williams, Thelma Traweek, Lilian Francis Thompson, Pearl Higdon Towles, Emma Higdon Satterfield.

third row from left: Robin Niell Thompson, Claudia Oliver Towles.

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