Melecie Higdon help request

Information Request Concerning Rodney James Higdon 

Hello, My name is Melecie Higdon. I began trying to do research on my family tree about six months ago. I would like to learn as much as possible about surname origin and past ancestors. I plan on applying for membership to your association. I request permission to print some website info just for my personal reference while doing internet searches and going onto ancestry websites/forums. I have no plans to reproduce and use materials for any other purpose. I would appreciate your blessing if possible in this matter.I will mail application with membership fee this week. I was born and raised in Louisiana and my family is still there. I have maternal/paternal names of some ancestors and some dates of birth and death. My father is Rodney James Higdon of Krotz Springs, La. My Grandfather's name was Patson Higdon. My dad also has 3 siblings.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Melecie G. Higdon-

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