Uncle Ted’s Military I.D. Tag, or As Commonly Known, His 'Dog Tag'

Uncle Ted's dog tag, CLEAR

Uncle Ted’s dog tag was given to Katie Higdon along with his reinterment flag for safe keeping. She put the tag into a simple plastic box and kept it in on the mantel of the fireplace in her house until she died. In the photo above under the dog tag in the simple box, Katie put a thin cotton pad and a miniature dried pink rose bud. So the simple box for years was part of the public display of Ted’s memorabilia in Katie’s house. For this more recent display, we used a larger, more transparent box to display the entire earlier display case. At right you see the dog tag out of the display box under a light to bring out the highlights and shadows, making the sunken, embedded letters easier to see. Under the photo image of the dog tag is the same information typed for clear reading. Thomas T Higdon was his common legal name, 35698289 was his unique military identification number, T43-44 states that his basic training was in 1943-44, the letter ‘O’ tells his blood type, and the lower right letter ‘C’ denotes he was a Catholic.

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