Uncle Ted's immediate family


Thomas Theodore Higdon was born on September 20, 1923 in Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky. He died on February 16, 1945 in Germany. 

His parents were  William Bernard Higdon and Clara Isabella Browning Higdon. Thomas Theodore was named after an older brother who was born in March, 1922 and died in October, 1922, at the age of 8 months. This reuse of a name was a common practice for honoring a sibling who died young. Thomas Theodore Higdon’s eight brothers and sisters were:

William Bernard Higdon, Clara Cecelia Higdon Elder, Joseph David Higdon, Mary Carmel Higdon, Thomas Theodore (d. 1922), Joseph Raymond Higdon, Mary Catherine Wilafred Higdon Zinner, and Elizabeth Jane Higdon Pierce

Below please find an Outline Descendant List of Names and Photos highlighting Uncle Ted’s immediate family. The yellow first generation shown is Uncle Ted’s mother & father. The pink second generation shown are Uncle Ted’s eight siblings. The purple third generation shown are all the first cousins. In their individual nuclear families, the members of generation 3 were sons and daughters. As a group, all the first cousins were nieces and nephews of Uncle Ted. The first cousins shown in the photos at right are some of the nieces and nephews who, as a group, created this three generation family genealogy listing, with photos, chart.

Uncle Ted’s name and photo, a portrait image in uniform, is near the left bottom of the listing.

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