5 - Ritchie School marker


We drove by and verified the location of the old Ritchie Creek School and the marker where it stood. The marker is on the west side of Higdon Creek Rd at 576 Higdon Creek Rd. On the other side of the road there is a white sign with an arrow pointing across the street. 

Go north on Higdon Creek Rd from the split with Ritchie Creek Rd. You will pass a large Confederate flag on the west (left) side of the road. Continue and look for the white sign on the right side of the road, and look to the left. The marker is on the shoulder of the road in front of a house that is really a double-wide trailer. You’ll see 576 on the mailbox.  

If you go to Google search, type in 34.920846, -84.473056, go to the map, switch to satellite view, and zoom in as much as possible, you will see a small rectangle to the left of the pin — that’s the marker.

We are attempting to obtain an image that includes where the school actually stood.

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