2008 Williamsburg, VA

The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Higdon Family Association, Inc. was held from October 9-12, in Williamsburg, Virginia. Twenty hardy souls gathered at the Williamsburg Hospitality House to do the business of the Association. While at the meeting, members toured Jamestown Living History Settlement on Friday morning and followed it with a tour of Yorktown Living History Settlement. We learned about pioneer living and how it had changed or not changed much over a 400+ year period. Learning about the Indian settlements, the early Jamestown settlers and their difficulties as well as viewing the quarters of the ships that brought over the settlers was really eye opening as to the true bravery of the small band of settlers. Friday ended learning about the move from colonies to victors to establishment of a new country. The business meeting on Saturday, exploration of Williamsburg and/or planations of the area, and the banquet completed the meeting. A wonderful event that fostered, as usual the family connections that hold us together. If you missed this year's meeting, make a point to join us at next years meeting in Elkins, West Virginia.  

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