Higdons Walking to Restaurant for Dinner

The historic Blackstone Hotel-Courtyard by Marriot, in the heart of downtown Fort Worth was the site of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Higdon Family Association. Higdons from 6 different states. The Higdons converged on Thursday, Friiday, and Saturday to mingled, sightsee, talk family and, of course, eat. 

On Thursday, the early bird arrivals took a tour of the Sid Richardson Museum where they saw one of the best of collections of Western art in America. Artists such as Fredric Remington, Charles Russel and others were part of the fabulous representation of life in the American West in the 1870s. The tour was followed with lunch in one of the serveral restaurants that are located in the downtown Sundance Square area. After lunch, a group caught a ride on the Molly Trolley to go see the exhibition  50 Years of Fort Worth History Exhibition," at the Fort Worth Museum.

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