2017 Alexandria, VA

Whenever one of our Higdon Family Annual meetings is hosted by a member who lives near a large city, there is always an amazing amount of events and activities to choose from. Our 2017 Alexandria, VA, Annual Meeting hosted by Faye S. Higdon was no exception as you will see from the images below: 

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This ‘electronic scrapbook’ collection of images and text from our 2017 HFA Annual Meeting was about 95% photographed and written by Charles A. “Chuck” Higdon. Think of Chuck as primarily the documentary photographer who also happens to be good at writing commentary. George F. “Frank” Mayfield functioned as a ‘backup’ photographer who can also wrote some commentary. Frank’s photographic work is found in the longer range images from the lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and all the images in the ‘side trip’ he and his wife Nell took on the Old National Pike. The work of both these members was edited and placed in an article about this 2017 HFA Annual Meeting in our Hidgon Family Newsletter by Barbara Tedford, our newsletter editor. All of the images taken and text created by all three of these members were collated and placed on our HFA website by Frank Mayfield, our HFA ‘webguy,’ to create this digital version of our 2017 Higdon Family Annual Meeting at Alexandria, VA Scrapbook.

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