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At right is the front cover of the hardback book: St. Ignatius Church at Chapel Point.”This book follows the history of the parish and its people from the church’s humble beginning as a modest, makeshift chapel built in 1641 by Fr. Andrew White, a Jesuit and Maryland’s first Catholic missionary. The chapel has been moved, rebuilt, expanded, gutted by fire and renovated since then, but, unlike other Catholic churches that were built in colonial days, it has never closed its doors.” (This book, at 9 X 11”, at 145 pages, is available after weekend Masses at the card shop and bookstore at the far end of St. Thomas Manor from the church. When I bought the book, the price was $30.00.)

St. Ignatius Church & Cemetery

8855 Chapel Point Road,

Port Tobacco, MD, 20677          301/934-8245


River View

"Upon visiting St. Ignatius, a visitor’s first impression is the panoramic view from the high bluff overlooking the Port Tobacco and Potomac rivers. Parishioners of St. Ignatius take pride in belonging to a church with one of the best views in Southern Maryland. We are greeted every Sunday with this majestic, largely unspoiled view of God’s greatness, humbled by it expanse as we enter the church for prayer.

This view is a special gift at our parish. We never take it for granted. When we bring friends to visit, the first and last feature that we enjoy sharing is this fantastic, awe-inspiring overlook.

For more than three centuries, parishioners have admired the foliage that extends from the Port tobacco valley to the hills beyond the Potomac River in Virginia, peered at the boats that travel the waterways, inspected the clouds that build on the horizon for an impending storm, and soaked in its sheer beauty.

We love our church’s view of the world.

From dugout canoes and first ships that sailed the rivers and inlets of the Chesapeake, the Potomac has been admired for its beauty and grace. We, of course, have a front-row seat to the splendor.”

Text & photos above from book: St. Ignatius Church at Chapel Point, p.5 & 142, except for material in parantheses & contact info.

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