The Talbott Tavern & Inn

Annual Higdon Meeting to Be Held At The Talbott Tavern & Inn (below) In Bardstown, Kentucky, September 24-26, 2020


Room Accommodation Information 

Donald and Susan Higdon are looking forward to the annual meeting this September in Bardstown, Kentucky.  The accommodations will be in downtown historic Bardstown at the Talbott Tavern & Inn which are in walking distance of shops, bars and restaurants.  Both places provide breakfast with their rooms.   

Talbott Inn has fifteen rooms with modern style accommodations in a historic building next to Talbott Tavern.  The Talbott Tavern Inn has six rooms located upstairs over Talbott Tavern.  They are decorated with antique furniture.  President Lincoln stayed in one of the rooms.  The rooms vary in price based on the room and bed size.  Three of the rooms in Talbott Tavern Inn can be noisy on Friday and Saturday night from 9:00 to 1:00 am because they have a band in the bar on those nights. They do not block their rooms for a group, so Susan Higdon had to reserve those rooms on her personal credit card.   

You should call 502-348-3494 to make your reservations at either hotel and mention the Higdon Family Association and Susan Higdon.  When they make your reservation and you guarantee it with your credit card, they will release that room from Susan’s credit card.   

We suggest that you look at the rooms online before you call so you can have an idea of which rooms you are interested in booking.  If you are staying in Talbott Tavern Inn, you should ask about the noisy rooms since we will be there on a Friday and Saturday night. You will be checking in on September 24 and checking out on September 27. 

Another option is Jailers Inn, which is next door to Talbott Tavern.  It is our old jail that has been converted to a bed and breakfast.  They have nine rooms of varying sizes and prices.  One room is a converted jail cell.  It is said to be haunted.  Their telephone number is 502-348-5551 or 800-948-5551 or you can book online. If you are going to call, you should go online and look at the rooms first to determine which rooms you are interested in booking.  Jailers Inn gives a discount for booking more than one night.  Susan did not guarantee these rooms with her credit card. 

All three of these hotels are located on the same block. The annual meeting and the dinner on Saturday night will be held at the Talbott Tavern. 

You should book your rooms at the Talbott Inn and Talbott Tavern Inn by the end of August.  On September 1, 2020, Susan will release any rooms that have not been booked.  Please email Susan at and let her know that you have booked your room so she can keep track of the rooms and make sure there are no problems with the bookings.

If you are not interested in these hotels, there are other hotels such as Hampton Inn.  In the spring a new Fairfield Inn and Holiday Inn Express will be opening.  Please email Susan with any questions you may have about accommodations in Bardstown or questions about Bardstown.   

The application for the annual meeting will be in the next newsletter.  A survey was sent to members that have attended in the past about places to visit.  Please return those as soon as possible so that Donald and Susan can wrap up the details on your visit to Bardstown.

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