1978 Gatlinburg, TN

Minutes of the 1978 HFA Business Meeting

October 14, 1978
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, met on October 14, 1978, at the Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. President Robert S. Higdon presided. Everyone was invited to introduce himself (herself).

It was announced that copies of Mrs. Herbert W. Coone's book, COLONIAL HIGDONS AND SOME OF THEIR DESCENDANTS, were available at $15 per copy. Those interested could contact President Robert S. Higdon or Mrs. Coone.

The Minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and approved. The treasurer reported a bank balance of $747.63 on June 30, 1978, the end of the 1977-1978 Fiscal Year, and copies of the Financial Statement were distributed to the members present. The treasurer's report was approved.

The Secretary reported approx. 70 persons had registered for this Annual Meeting, with the following states represented: Alabama., Colorado, North Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, California, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Kentucky and Washington, D. C.

Frank Higdon, who is a certified public accountant, reported that he is working on getting tax exempt status for The Higdon Family Association, Inc. He hopes that this can soon be accomplished.

The site and date of the next Annual Meeting was discussed. A number of places were suggested. On motion of Eva Wood, seconded by Ethel Higdon, and carried, the dates of October 12 - 13 - 14 1979 were selected, and Atlanta, Ga. was chosen at the site,

The Secretary presented the nominating committee's report for nominees for 1978-1979 Officers and Directors:

President, Violet Hunsucker

First Vice President, Charles Higdon

Second Vice President, Helen Higdon Allison

Third Vice President, Darrin Higdon

Secretary-Treasurer, Jo Ann Smith

Four Directors: Thelma Higdon Fitzwater

   Mina Higdon Floyd

   Ethel Higdon

   Frank B. Higdon

On motion of John Higdon, seconded and carried, the above list of persons were elected to the offices to which they were nominated.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jo Ann Smith


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