1993 Vicksburg, MS

Minutes of the 1993 HFA Business Meeting

October 23, 1993
Vicksburg, Mississippi

The officers were introduced. Past presidents were recognized. Minutes of the 1992 meeting were read and approved. The President noted that the minutes stated that the 1993 meeting would be in conjunction with the Huffman Higdon Reunion. That information was found to be incorrect following the meeting. The correct date is 1995.

Frank Higdon gave the Treasurer’s report. It will be filed as presented. Frank noted the Membership report.

Frank reported that there has been no progress on Mrs. Coone’s book. He has encouraged her to complete the revisions. In the discussion, it was pointed out that Mrs. Coone’s copyright will expire soon. Another point is that her research is public record. Eva Wood moved that Frank Higdon continue to talk with Mrs. Coone on a regular basis. Ada Bond seconded. Motion passed.

Charles P. Higdon stated that Bonnie Higdon Atkins has agreed to take over the Higdon Newsletter beginning January, 1994. Frances Higdon Smith will produce an October/November/December mailing. The Association was reminded of the importance of sending in news for the Newsletter. Frank announced the possibility of his starting a Higdon Family Library in the Pensacola, FL area in the future. The group discussed the need for having the newsletters placed in archives. New Business:

Jim Higdon presented for the Nominating Committee the slate of officers:

President:, Charles P. Higdon

1st Vice-President, Wanda Higdon Jackson

2nd Vice-President, Gale Higdon Tyrrell

3rd Vice-President, Carol Higdon Tyrrell

Director (1 year term), Eugene Smith

Director (1 year term), Linda Moureaux

Director (2 year term), Ethel Currie

Director (2 year term), Dean Higdon

Secretary, Lisa Atkins

Treasurer, Frank Higdon

Historian, Helen Higdon Allison (appointed by President)

Lifetime Honorary Director, Jo Ann Smith

Parlimentarian, Charles E. Higdon

Membership: Charles P. Higdon mentioned that he has subscribed to a book listing over 2,000 Higdons. Eva Higdon Wood was named to head a membership drive. Frank Higdon asked that membership application forms be completely filled out. Often vital information is deleted. New forms with Frank’s new address will be distributed in the Newsletter.

Matt Higdon reported on the Higdon house in Washington, MS, close to Jefferson College (in the Natchez area). If the house can be correctly identified, we will request the State of Mississippi to place a historical plaque on it.

President Washburn recognized new members present for the first time: Garland Hunt from Texas and Clyde Higdon from Pensacola, FL.

Helen Higdon Allison led the Memorial time by lighting a candle in memory of Higdon members who have deceased since our last meeting. Following the reading of a poem by Helen Steiner Rice “Death is a Doorway’, Jim Higdon remembered Dennis Higdon, Jr., Charles Higdon read the eulogy he wrote for his sister Bonnie Reeves. Helen concluded the time by remembering Wanda Higdon and other loved ones.


* 1994 Annual Meeting will be October 6 - 9 in Oak Ridge, TN (Knoxville area) at the Garden Plaza Hotel.

* 1995 Annual Meeting will be in conjunction with the William Huffman Higdon 100th Celebration in the Asheville, NC area, September 7 - 10.

* Riverboat tour group should be in the lobby at 1:30 today.

* Banquet will be in the Mississippi room at 7:00 p.m. tonight.

* Worship Service will be a 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

* Dain Higdon suggested that each member present write those who did not attend. Jim Higdon mentioned the need to involve younger family members.

* Rachel Higdon brought greetings from Nan Higdon Harrison who could not attend due to family circumstances. Regina Higdon Washburn noted that a letter had been received from Wally and Judy Higdon who could not attend. Other regrets included Clarence and Opal Willis, Wanda Higdon Jackson, Priscilla Higdon and Jo Ann Smith.

* Jessie Wilkie has copies of the Coat of Arms and book on Leonard Higdon.

* Helen Allison, Historian, encouraged members to contribute to the scrapbooks.

* Jean Higdon called attention to presenting the President with a plaque. The Past President is responsible each year.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Frances Higdon Smith


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