1999 Bardstown, KY

Minutes of the 1999 HFA Business Meeting

September 25, 1999
Bardstown, Kentucky

The meeting was called to order by Eugene Smith, President, at 8:35 AM in the meeting room of the Holiday Inn Hotel, Bardstown, KY, and was opened with prayer by Brother Shelby Smith followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rosemary Smith Dawood read the minutes. After correcting the date from 17 June 1898 to 17 June 1998 for the Finance and Audit Report, changing “Higdon Foundation” to “Higdon Scholarship Fund”, and correcting the name, Jo Ann Higdon to Jo Ann Smith, Eva H. Wood moved for acceptance. Charles P. Higdon seconded the motion and the minutes were approved. Jean Higdon said there was a Higdon, whose name she could not recall, older than Modine Stuart, born 1910, present at the 1998 banquet. As she was not present at the meeting, the minutes remained as read.

Rosemary Smith Dawood read the September 24, 1999 Board Meeting minutes. Charles P. Higdon moved to accept, Frank B. Higdon seconded and the motion carried. Charles E. Higdon stated he wanted to be on record as objecting to any change of the by-laws which do not proceed through the established process.

Frank B. Higdon submitted a financial report dated August 13, 1999, showing cash on hand as $8,639.00. Of this amount, $5,022.00 was membership dues. Expenses for the 1998 annual meeting which exceeded registration income was $314.00. Expenses for the year were $1,904.00 and included $855.00 for the current year newsletter, $307.00 for the previous year newsletter, $66.00 for postage, $400.00 for secretarial expenses, and $276.00 for billing expenses. Ten membership checks which have not been deposited total $300.00. The treasurer reported that several members were lost when the dues increased. Charles E. Higdon asked why Association funds were not in an interest-bearing account. Frank B. Higdon replied that bank charges equal or exceed any interest which might be received. The Treasurer reported that $120.00 of the current assets belong to the Higdon Scholarship Fund. Eva H. Wood asked if there were any outstanding bills and was told there were. Charles E. Higdon moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Eva H. Wood seconded and it passed.

Frank B. Higdon said there is a need for additional names on the bank signature cards. One member suggested pre-signed checks, but the membership considered this unacceptable. Charles P. Higdon and Janice J. Higdon agreed to complete signature cards for the bank bringing to four the number who can sign checks. In addition to Frank B. lligdon, Cheryl A. Higdon, his daughter, is authorized currently to sign checks.

Eugene Smith introduced Bill Higdon as the upcoming President and asked him to make a few remarks. He congratulated Eugene Smith on his fine piece of work on the reunion arrangements and discussed his plans as the new president.

Paul E. Brown, 1st Vice President, welcomed members to the 2001 meeting in Tulsa, OK. Kathleen Garcia, 2nd Vice President, was not present at the meeting. Eugene Smith asked if there was someone who could contact her concerning her plans for the 2002 meeting. Janice J. Higdon who knows her will contact her.

Eva H. Wood, an outgoing board member, said it had been a pleasure to serve as a Director. Eugene Smith reported that Ethel Currie, a two-year director starting her second year, called Friday saying she was not able to attend this years meeting. She sent her regards to everyone in attendance.

Charles P. Higdon, a two-year director starting his second year, said he had no comments. Barbara Higdon, past President, was unable to attend as she is travelling in Mexico. Jo Ann Smith gave a brief history of Higdons in the USA.

Eugene Smith recognized and thanked David Mudd for his assistance with this year’s reunion preparations. He was not in attendance at the membership meeting.

Charles E. Higdon reminded the Board and membership that changes and amendments cannot be made in the By-Laws unless such changes go through the approved steps. To his knowledge, no suggestions for an amendment had been discussed prior to the Board meeting. Helen H. Allison pointed out discrepancies in the By-Laws printed in the September 1999 newsletter, especially in #2, Eligibility of Membership which refers to spouses and children. Another member pointed out that the $20.00 membership fee is incorrect as the current fee is $30.00. Carol Tyrrell said that changes allowing children membership with parents was made in 1992. Charles P. Higdon said the By-Laws were revised at the Williamsburg meeting in 1990. Charles E. Higdon read and compared the latest version of By-Laws with the version published in the 1999 HFA Newsletter and feels that the newsletter version is incorrect and incomplete. Charles E. Higdon will study the By-Laws and submit his conclusions at next year’s meeting.

Helen H. Allison presented the historical report. She needs the minutes from the organzational meeting of 1975 and asked Jo Ann Smith for permission to use the meeting report from in her book. Approval was given. Helen Allison invited members to look at the Association scrap book. She requested for the historical records a list of those attending the annual meeting and Eugene Smith promised to send her this year’s list. Jean Higdon expressed appreciation to Helen H. Allison for keeping the history.

Janice J. Higdon expressed gratitude to Mary Ann Nickell for her work on the newsletter and stated that she is gravely ill and would appreciate e-mail. Eugene Smith asked about lifetime memberships and suggested Mary Ann Nickell as a candidate. No action was taken on this suggestion. Frances Smith thanked Janice J. Higdon for her work on the newsletter.

Frank B. Higdon announced that the Pensacola Grand Hotel rates for the 2000 reunion will be $85.00 per night. Jo Ann Smith commended Frank B. Higdon on the good work done on the finance committee and expressed her appreciation for the work done by Cheryl A. Higdon, his daughter.

Janice J. Higdon asked members to check the membership list she has made available for correct addresses and asked members to add their telephone numbers. She and Frank B. Higdon reconciled their two membership lists which have 206 members but several members are two years behind in paying dues. Currently, 183 paid members receive the newsletter and 15 unpaid members receive it.

Regina H. Washburn was not present Helen H. Allison announced that the ceremony honoring deceased Higdons will occur at the banquet. She urged members to send in the names of their deceased family members and friends.

Wally Higdon and Frances Smith submitted the names of the following:

3rd Vice-President:

Gena Lee Thiess

Two-year Directors:

Janice J. Higdon and Cheryl A. Higdon


Janice M. Higdon

Eva H. Wood moved to accept the nominations, Frank B. Higdon seconded and the motion carried.

Each Vice President will move up and Ethel Currie and Charles P. Higdon will complete their two year term.

Carol Tyrrell said the scholarship fund was formulated about four years ago and she is seeking the 1994 or 1995 minutes for the details. Helen H. Allison said the scholarship committee met today and they need contributions for the fund. Charles E. Higdon suggested a variety of types of contributions including cash, marketable securities, brokerage accounts, saving bonds, certificates of deposits, and bequests in wills to the Association in memory of someone. Property is not acceptable. Receipt of gifts will be acknowledged by the committee to the donor. The committee would like to make the first grant in 2001, the 25th anniversary of the Association.

Mrs. Coone’ s research material has been in the hands of Jo Ann Smith who has gone through the contents. The box is to be returned to Frank B. Higdon. Charles P. Higdon agreed to deliver the box to Lisa Atkins who will also examine the materials for new information which could be used to revise the Coone book. Frank B. Higdon offered to have a reprinting of the current book for members interested in a copy. Membership thought this would be a good idea. Members interested in a copy should inform Frank B. Higdon.

The meeting site for 2000 was confirmed for Pensacola, Florida.

The anniversary meeting will be in October 2001, in Tulsa, OK.

The location of the 2002 meeting is not settled. Janice J. Higdon will call Kathleen Garcia. Several members like Charleston, SC as a suggested location.

The Secretary was requested to send a copy of the minutes to the Newsletter editor for publication, Helen H. Allison for inclusion in the historical file, to the past president and the new president.

Jean Higdon suggested a discount for paying dues early and a penalty for late payment. Frank B. Higdon disagreed with this suggestion saying it would be too labor intensive for the treasurer. It was suggested that this matter be deferred to the new Board with the treasurer’s input.

The meeting was turned over to the new president, Bill Higdon, who announced that the committee members will remain the same. Goals for the year are to put together a web site for the Association, and to get the Scholarship Fund in place where interest, not principle, will be used for the scholarships.

Cheryl A. Higdon’s move for adjournment was seconded by Jo Ann Smith. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Rosemary Smith Dawood

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