2005 Frankfort, KY

Minutes of the 2005 HFA Meeting

September 17, 2005
Frankfort, Kentucky

President David Mudd called the meeting to order at 9:10 am.

Shelby Smith opened the meeting with prayer.

Charles E. Higdon led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Paul Brown read the 2004 Business Meeting minutes and requested revisions or additions. Charles P. Higdon made a motion to accept the minutes. The motion was passed.

Treasurer Charles P. Higdon presented a detailed financial report for HFA as of August 31, 2005. Newsletter expenses were unusually low since only one issue was published during the past year and the 2004 meeting costs were less. The 09/30/2004 beginning balance was $9,243.19, income $1,690.00, expenses $1,894.27, with an ending balance 08/31/2005 of $9,038.92. Charles E. Higdon made a motion that the treasurer’s report be accepted, and seconded by Nina Ruth Vaughan. The motioned was approved.

Treasurer Charles P. Higdon then presented financial status of the HFA Scholarship Fund. Income during the past year totaled $1,323.35, bringing the August 31, 2005 ending balance to $15,717.83. Treasurer Higdon reported that $12,000 was set aside in a Certificate of Deposit, with the balance of $3,717.83, held in an interest bearing money market account. A motion was approved to allow, at the discretion of the Treasurer, the invested portion of the fund, now $12,000 to be moved into an account with higher rate of return. The reported ending balances of the HFA Scholarship Fund and the HFA General Fund were verified by audit of the account statements from Sun Trust Bank, Inc. Treasurer Higdon explained that scholarship money of $500 awarded to the 2004 winner was not dispersed since the winner was not yet enrolled in a college. Treasurer Higdon asked board members to encourage HFA members to solicit eligible scholarship applicants from within their families. Application forms are available on the HFA website and should be sent to the Scholarship Committee in care of William Higdon, Moon, Virginia. No applications were received by the committee this year.

Ernest Higdon suggested that procedures for the Scholarship Committee be discussed for timely approval of scholarships by that committee. A motion was made by Ernest Higdon that the Scholarship Committee review scholarship applications and approve the award by the end of each March. The committee would then notify the HFA president and treasurer by the end of each March, the award winner for that year. The motion was seconded by Charles P. Higdon and the motion was approved.

President David Mudd reviewed new 2005 - 2006 HFA officers that will be sworn into office at the annual banquet this evening. Current 1st Vice President Sally Swain will be sworn in as HFA president. Elisa Walter, Edinburgh, Indiana, has accepted and will be the editor of the HFA Newsletter. A Newsletter will be mailed during October 2005.

Treasurer Higdon reported that current dues have been paid by 31 members and 104 members remain on the Newsletter mailing list. Paying members are expected to increase when regular HFA Newsletter distribution resumes. Membership invoices are mailed each June.

HFA members recognized Technologist Nancy Higdon for the high quality of the HFA website. The members expressed appreciation to Nancy for preparing and maintaining the website.

Technologist Nancy Higdon requested information for the HFA website. Information can be either mailed or emailed to Nancy.

Frances Smith reported on HFA members and family members that are hurting and needing our cares and prayers from hurricane Katrina damage.

President Mudd reviewed the schedule for the 2005 HFA banquet and moved to adjourn the Business Meeting. The motioned was approved and the meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.

Paul Brown


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