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A) If you wish to buy items or donate funds by USPS mail, send a bank CHECK for the correct amount to The HIGDON FAMILY ASSOCIATION and a note including the details of what your are buying*, your USPS name & address, your phone number, and your email address, and mail to:

Charles A. “Chuck” Higdon, Treasurer

The Higdon Family Association

1266 N Maple Avenue

Toms River, NJ   08755

*You may purchase more than one membership at a time by making your bank CHECK out for $30 X the number of memberships you wish to purchase.

B) If you wish to by-pass the USPS mail, and digitally BUY a MEMBERSHIP in the The HIGDON FAMILY ASSOCIATION, and/or to BUY any of the BOOKS we have for sale, and/or to DONATE money to our HFA Scholarship Fund, use the following process:

C) Click below on the PayPal button of your choice. That will take you to the first PayPal payment screen, where you will decide to pay/donate monies from your PayPal account (close to the center of screen 1 to the right in the dark blue strip) OR a standard debit or credit card (the bottom of screen 1 to your right in light blue strip).

D) If you decide to use an existing PayPal account, click on the Log In dark blue strip. (You know how to proceed from there).

E) If you decide to use a debit or credit card, click on the Pay with Debit or Credit Card light blue strip, and PayPal will take you to screen 2, where you will fill in the standard information required to process a debit/credit card payment. 

(If you want to use a PayPal account, but don’t have one, click on the button of your choice for purchase/donation, and at the very end of the process, PayPal will ask you if you are interested in setting up an account based on the information you have just entered.) 

Yearly Membership

* You may purchase more than one membership at a time using the pull-down menu (up down arrows) just above the BUY NOW button to pay for multiple memberships.

Reference Library Books

You may purchase one of the two books available from the HFA using the pull-down menu (up down arrows) just above the BUY NOW button.

HFA Scholarship Fund

If you wish to DONATE monies to the HFA Scholarship Fund, click the DONATE button just above:

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