Smith, Frances Higdon

Frances Higdon Smith and Regina Higdon Washburn, Descendants of Daniel Higdon

Frances Higdon Smith and her sister Regina Higdon Washburn have both served as president of the Higdon Family Association. Their father Albert George "Bert" Higdon was born in Jay, Florida, the ninth child of Bodie John Higdon and Corrie Floyd Howell Higdon.

Frances Higdon Smith

From left: Tommy Washburn, Regina Higdon Washburn, Shelby Smith, Windi Stringfellow (Regina and Tommy's daughter), Winnie Higdon (mother of Frances and Regina), Frances Higdon Smith 

Here's a note from Frances that appears in the July 1991, Higdon Family Newsletter, #235, regarding her father who died suddenly in 1990.

"I did not ask enough questions about the 'old days.' I do have two elderly uncles to help fill in some information. But I wish I had heard it from Daddy. Daddy traced his roots to Daniel Higdon of Charles City County, Virginia."

There is a lesson here for all of us. We should ask questions now about our family history.  

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