Grady & Grandpa, 1942

Grady and Grandpa, 1942

Jyana Higdon Smith was given the attached picture at the Maj. William Huffman Higdon Reunion yesterday. It is of her father, Grady Higdon, age 6 and Grandpa, age 91 taken in 1942. The problem is: Who is Grandpa? Grady's grandpa Higdon died in 1919, this gentleman looks like the Higdons and the picture belonged to a distant Higdon cousin. It is believed that it may be the grandfather of whoever the picture belonged to. Susie Feigley gave Jyana the picture. Susie’s mother was Ivy Higdon and her grandfather was Jim Higdon. 

It is known that Grady Higdon was born in Marion Co, TN May 15, 1935 and died October 28, 1993. 

The location of the picture is unknown, but assumed to be in Tenneessee, since Grady Higdon never traveled outside of Tennessee until his late teens.

  • Grady’s dad was John Higdon 1906-1971 and his grandfather was Robert Higdon (1841-1919). 

Jyana has tried looking for any relative who would have been 91 in 1942, but has been unsuccessful. She is looking for any information any one can provide.

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