Major William Huffman Higdon Family Reunions - Plaque

Major William Huffman Higdon Family Reunions

At left: On September 14, 1994, descendants, families and friends placed a plaque in Macon County, North Carolina, that reads: 

 Site of Major William Huffman Higdon, Sept. 14, 1816 - May 5, 1903, homestead and annual family reunion, which has been continuously held on or near his birthdate since 1899. He founded Higdonville Community about 1860, having served Macon County as “High Sheriff” and the confederacy as a Major during the Civil War, hence the title, “Major Higdon.” Father of the following: … 

[A more comprehensive genealogical listing, including the names of his 11 children with Jane Buchanan, can be found at William Hoffman (Huffman) Higdon.]

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