Higdon Hotel, Reliance, TN - 2 - front view northwest

Higdon Hotel, Reliance, TN 2

Randy and Carolyn Cole made a trip to Reliance, Polk County, Tennessee in the fall of 2014. All of the images of the Higdon hotel, except this one at left, were captured by Randy on that trip. The last image in this Higdon hotel set is of the Hiwassee Union Baptist Church, of interest because it’s in Reliance, and because the second pastor of the church was a Higdon. See the last photo in the set for more details.

This image has been on our HFA website for many years and was taken just after low foliage had been removed. You can clearly see the retaining wall, and the brick fireplace as well as the front facade. Randy reports that 20 years after a decision to renovate the building by the village of Reliance, nothing major has yet been done.

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