The Lord's Acre


Top row, from left: Mildred Carter, Ann Berry, Addie Corbin, Jack Conley, Wade Higdon, Dixie Moses, Grayson Higdon, Mae Corbin, Marium Rupenthal, Pearl Higdon. 

Middle row: Carolyn Carter, Jimmy Fulton, Carolyn Moses, David Corbin. 

Bottom row: child is Lawanna Higdon (sitting in her dad's lap) Ted Higdon, Fred Corbin, Billy Higdon, Harry Moses, Dale Carter. 

Thanks to Denton Higdon for the above picture and the identification of the people. The original photo belongs to David Corbin, far right on the middle row. During tough times back in the 1930s, local farmers banded together, donating produce form one acre of their crops to help feed others in need. They called their project The Lord's Acre. Some churches still practice this form of ministering to their community. Not a bad idea for this day and time.

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