Outline Descendant Tree System


The Outline Descendant Tree System is a report style that allows a computer software program to compactly print out a ‘data dump’ of select genealogical information that a researcher has put into the program.  Where a Genealogical Register report lists all members of the same generation before the report moves onto all the members of the next generation, the Outline Descendant Tree report lists all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, of the first child of the father before the report lists all the descendants of the second child, and so on. The beginning numerals on each line indicate the generation of that person relative to the father. Note that this sample is 10 generations deep.

The general description of the Outline Descendant Tree report at the top of the page, and the sample generic chart on the left above is adapted from the website: Genealogy, Et Cetera, by Roderic A. Davis II. The sample Higdon chart on the right is adapted from the outline descendant tree report starting on page 17 of Descendants of John Higdon and Millicent 1657-1998, by Gena Lee Theiss.

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