2018 HFA Annual Meeting in Gettysburg, PA

Visitors take in the view at the famous “Bloody Angle" at Gettysburg Battlefield.

Bloody Angle visitors

HFA President William A. Bautz is hoping to see many of you this fall, when we will stay at the Gettysburg Hotel and hold our annual meeting there on Wednesday morning, November 7. On the other days we will socialize in the hotel’s lobby/tavern and explore the area. 

On Tuesday morning, a bus will take us to the Military Park Visitor Center so we can learn more about the battle and visit various historical exhibits. That afternoon, after lunch at the cafeteria, we will take a tour of the battlefield, led by a docent. 

On Wednesday, at the morning business session, we will hear reports and conduct business, including the election of officers for the coming year. After lunch, we will take a docent led tour of the town of Gettysburg, or we can choose to explore on our own. Dinner that evening will be at the hotel.  

(Note: Plans may change based on interest and attendance.) 

Bill adds a travel note: “Nearest airports to Gettysburg are Harrisburg and Baltimore, both of which are 55 miles away. Baltimore is recommended because it has many more flights.”  

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