2019 HFA Annual Meeting in St. Mary's City, MD, Focusing on John & Millicent Higdon

below A view of several ghost structures.                               

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hsmc ghost houses

Hopefully, this is the first of 3 HFA Annual Meetings focusing on the 3 earliest colonial Higdons, Richard, Daniel, and John, who appear to be the ancestors of the vast majority of Higdons and Higdon descendants living in the United States today(1). This year’s HFA Annual Meeting is focused on John & Millicent Higdon. If you decide to attend this year’s meeting, you just might be a descendant of Richard or Daniel and you just might be interested in hosting next year’s HFA Annual Meeting focused on either just Richard or just Daniel. It is feasible to do for meetings focused on Richard or Daniel what I’m doing this year for an annual meeting focused on John which is an intense re-examining of the known genealogical records (and maybe some new DNA records as well). Much of this research has been started for the feasibility study mentioned in the first image. 

The first eight thumbnail images below deal with a proposed membership drive, a formal  invitation to attend this 2019 meeting, choosing transportation, our hotel, then an overview of Historic St. Mary’s City, starting with a boat, a road map to our Day 2 packaged tours and luncheon at Historic St. Mary’s City

The next two thumbnail images of St. John's Site and the Brick Chapel are about attractions at Historic St. Mary’s City that are outliers and which we therefore will not be seeing in our walking tour of St. Mary’s City center. These two building may be nonetheless be of interest to see during any of the free time available to participants. 

The next six thumbnail images deal with three free time attractions in the general area of St. Mary’s City, easily reached by car: the Calvert Marine Museum, with map and directions (3 minutes), the Naval Air Museum with map and directions (15 minutes), and St. Ignatius Church with its unique Higdon stained glass window, also with map and directions (50 minutes).  

There are many more free time attractions that may be of interest in the area, but these three are the ones we'd recommend.


Finally, the last thumbnail image brings up a two page .PDF file containing the FILLABLE REGISTRATION FORM for the 2019 HFA Annual Meeting.  Fillable means if you see blue boxes when you open this file, or if you hover your cursor over a line for type and it changes to a pastel color, you can type in your responses on screen to questions, etc. (just click the .PDF thumbnail below). Once this two page form on your computer is filled out fully, just print it out from your computer screen, enclose your registration check, and mail.

If this two page form on your computer screen is not filled out by typing your info in, print out the blank form,  fill the sheets in by hand, enclose you registration check, and mail. IT IS IMPORTANT TO FILL OUT AND MAIL IN A REGISTRATION FORM SO THAT WE CAN BE  SURE OF THE NUMBER ATTENDING IN ORDER TO NOTIFY OUR TOUR AND BANQUEST HOSTS SO THEY CAN PROVIDE ENOUGH GUIDES AND ENOUGH FOOD FOR THOSE ATTENDING.

(1) COLONIAL HIGDONS And Some of Their Descendants, Lucille B. Coone. 1976, self-published

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