Higdon, Robert S., 1978-1979 HFA President

1978-1979 President Robert S. Higdon

Dr. Robert Sexton Higdon is the son of Dr. Robert Earl Higdon and Helen. He traces his ancestry back to Daniel Higdon born circa 1656 and died before 1715 in Prince George County, Virginia. Robert married Durelle Felder.

Robert was the fifth member of his family in three generations to receive a medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine. During World War II, he commanded the 308th Medical Battalion at Normandy Beach and throughout all five major campaigns of the European Theater. He was a general surgeon until the end of WWII when he developed an allergy to synthetic gloves. At that time, he took residency training to specialize in dermatology. In 1953, he was transferred to the Far East Command where he was Chief of Dermatology. After retiring from the Army, he became a professor at George Washington University Medical School.  

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