Higdon, L. Frank, 2002-2003 HFA President

2002-2003 HFA President L. Frank Higdon

L. Frank Higdon was born in Cisco, Georgia, a small community in the mountains of north Georgia. He attended the Cisco Elementary School which was a two-room country school. Frank graduated from Murray County High School in 1957 and then finished college at Lincoln Memorial University with a degree in Business Administration and Finance. After graduating from college, Frank served a tour of duty in the U.S. Army at Milwaukee where he met his wife Barbara Bauer.

After leaving the Army in 1964, he took a job with Shell Oil Company in Atlanta and began his long and successful career with that company. Over a thirty-three year career, Frank rose through the ranks of the Shell Oil Company with assignments in Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas and Houston. In 1981, he became the Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Lubricants Business, and in 1993 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Shell Commercial Products Division which included Lubricants, Aviation Fuels, Diesel Fuel, Residual Fuel and Asphalt Businesses. Frank retired in 1997, and later that year he was inducted into the Lincoln Memorial University Professional Hall of Fame becoming one of thirty-one people to be so honored over the 100 year history of the school.

Frank and Barbara raised and educated three children to become responsible adults (Susan, William and Brian). Frank and Barbara currently reside in Rockport, Texas.

Frank is a descendant of John Higdon who immigrated to Maryland in the 1600's. Frank's great-grandfather was Samuel Higdon, Sr., born in western North Carolina. Samuel's father was Leonard Higdon and his mother was Eve Huffman. 

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