Zachary Higdon help request re: Bodie John Higdon

Bodie J. Higdon and wife Corrie Floyd Howell

Zachary Higdon writes:

Bodie John Higdon was born in Wilcox, AL (1875).  Bodie J. died in Alabama, but was buried with Corrie Floyd in Pensacola.

at right: Bodie J. Higdon and wife Corrie Floyd Howell

The ten children of Bodie John Higdon and Corrie Floyd Howell are: 

Howard, John, Bodie, Ida, PaulWillie, Alvin, Albert, Claude, and Mildred.

Howard, John, Bodie and Ida were born in Forest Home, Alabama (Butler County). The other children (including my grandfather) were born in Jay, Florida (Santa Rosa County).

Bodie John’s father Samuel Terrell Higdon (b. 1846) was born and lived around Wilcox and Conecuh County, Alabama. 

Samuel Terrell Higdon’s father, John William Higdon (b. 1803), was from Montgomery, Georgia.

My father is David Higdon.

David Higdon’s father is Paul Truett Higdon.  

Paul Truett Higdon’s father was Bodie Higdon (m. Maxine Blair).

Albert, Paul’s brother, was father to Frances Higdon Smith and Regina Higdon Washburn, both of whom served as president of HFA.  

I'm more of an amateur genealogist, but I've been at it for awhile. I'd appreciate any help any members would wish to give me on expanding my existing work. 

Zachary D. Higdon

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