Higdons and the North Carolina State House

Smith, Jo Ann copyThomas Bragg Higdon

Thomas Bragg Higdon (1855-1937) was a North Carolina State Representative from 1908-1910. During the 1909 Regular Session of the North Carolina General Assembly, his desk was in the House Chamber on the second floor of the State Capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina. The North Carolina General Assembly met in the State Capitol from the time it was built in the 1840s until 1963 when the members of the North Carolina General Assembly began meeting in the newly-built Legislative Building in Raleigh.

The State Capitol is a very lovely building, and the Governor's Office is on the first floor. However, because of its age, this building has needed some repairs. Restoration is taking place at the present time. When the renovations are completed, you may wish to visit The Capitol of North Carolina. Please go to the second floor to see the old Senate and House Chambers.

In the House Chamber, one desk has a plaque to honor the memory of Representative Thomas Bragg Higdon of Macon County, North Carolina. Outside the Chamber will be a book which has a listing for this desk, and in the photo section of this book there will be a picture of Representative Higdon.

Also in the House Chamber, a desk for the Principal Clerk has an engraved plaque to honor Jo Ann Smith who served as Principal Clerk of the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1969-1974. She is the granddaughter of Thomas Bragg Higdon. 

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