Higdon, Mayme Maher, Motivated by Patriotism

Mayme Maher Higdon, Motivated by Patriotism

Mayme Maher Higdon

Mayme Maher Higdon (born July 17, 1892; died 1973) subtracted years from her age to serve this country during World War II.

In 1944, Mayme was working for the Arizona State Industrial Commission in Phoenix, Arizona. She listed her birth date as July 17, 1895 to join the Women's Army Corps on June 22, 1944, a few weeks before her 52nd birthday. Mayme was almost three years older than the legal age limit.

Pvt. Higdon served with the 556th Army Air Forces Base Unit, Long Beach, California. She was discharged on July 29, 1945.

Mayme Higdon, the wife of Joseph Leonard Higdon (1892-1933), is the mother of Josephine “Jo" Higdon Dalmolin

Pvt. Mayme Higdon, age 52

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