Library of Congress - Late Afternoon Session

Library of Congress

Here is the dome over the reading room from the outside of the Library of Congress. Once we got inside, our tour guide hurried us off to a room for a quick lecture. We were given some handouts with lots of good and helpful hints on how to search for what the LOC has to see. Including how to search their website.

We could not take any photos inside. The photo image below (courtesy of the Library of Congress website) does not do the room justice, it is a very beautiful, impressive room. Our guide took us through it and showed us the old card catalogue files. These are now all on computers and easier to work with. We also got our “Reader” cards so we can research in there too. 

We were shown some other rooms that one can do research in. Each have staff to help you in the different areas. But one should review the website and have a plan as to what exactly you would be looking for and on what medium. There are also restrictions as to what you can take in to both the Archives and Library of Congress. So, review their websites to learn that information.

Inside Library of Congress Main Reading Room

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