Higdon, Calvin (b.1836) and Amanda Linderman Higdon - 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1910

50th Wedding Anniversary, 1910: Calvin Higdon and Amanda Linderman Higdon

Calvin and Amanda Higdon were married March 22, 1860. They are shown below celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Calvin is a descendant of Thomas Higdon who was born around 1800 in Old Burke County, North Carolina. Calvin and his wife Amanda built the Higdon Hotel in Reliance, Tennessee between 1912 and 1914 and operated the hotel until the 1920s. 

50th Wedding Anniversary of Calvin and Amanda J. Higdon at the Higdon Hotel, Reliance, Polk County, Tennessee

Row 1: Blanch Higdon, Calvin Higdon, Charles Higdon, Amanda Jane Linderman Higdon, Edith Higdon, Frank Higdon

Row 2: Bryan Higdon, Arthur Higdon, Mary Higdon, Noah Higdon, Edward Higdon, Minnie D. Higdon

Row 3: Bessie Higdon Mahoney, Edna Mahoney, W. J. Mahoney, S. L. Gallahar, Dan Gallahar, Samuel L. Higdon, Harry H. Higdon

The photograph is reprinted with permission from William Garland Lillard, Jr. from his book The Thomas Higdon Family Of Polk County, Tennessee, Revised October 2000. 

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