Higdon, Raymond Earl - Weds Bettina Blanche Pearson

Raymond Earl Higdon Weds Bettina Blanche Pearson

Raymond Earl Higdon Weds Bettina Blanche PearsonThe photograph at left and the story below are from Higdon-Whitaker and Allied Families, Volume I:

In 1982, Bettina Pearson Higdon published a book called Higdon-Whitaker and Allied Families, Volume I. The death of Raymond Higdon in April 1981 was Bettina's inspiration. She includes many stories of her courtship and marriage to Raymond. The year was 1947:

...Raymond came to Bessemer to show his beautiful red convertible at Christmas and she found reasons to be in Cullman several times.

On Valentine's day in 1948, Raymond called long distance and asked, "When do you want to get married?"

"Sunday will be soon enough." was Bettina's answer.

"No, I want a big wedding." Raymond answered.

"Well, it'll have to be the second Sunday in June so I'll have a week after school closes to get everything lined up".

So June 13, 1948, in the First Methodist Church in Bessemer where she had joined the church at the age of 12, she heard, “I, Raymond, take thee, Bettina”…

Opal Willis and Bettina Higdon at the 1982 HFA Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama

In 1981, Bettina Higdon was a director in the HFA. The incoming president was Darrin Higdon. Bettina suggested the group go to Huntsville, Alabama for the 1982 meeting.

According the to minutes of the 1982 business meeting, "Bettina Higdon led the closing meditation, based on Scripture from the Gospel of John, in memory of family members who had died during the past year. "

Her publication Higdon-Whitaker and Allied Families, Volume I is “ ..in memory of all Higdons and Whitakers, but especially Raymond Earl Higdon, who was said to have had the least and made the most of his sixty-five years.” 

At right, Opal Willis and Bettina Higdon at the

1982 HFA Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama

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