Higdon House in Lampasas, TX

The historic Higdon House in Lampasas, Texas, is on "Silk Stocking Row," so called because it was the nicest part of town. According to the new owner, the house was built in 1884 and occupied by the Higdon family for over eighty years; the house still has many of the original features (doors, floors, mantles, etc.) They wonder if any of you have older photographs of the house. Their research into the history of the home has been hampered, because the courthouse records were destroyed in several fires and floods in the area.

Ernie Higdon says the house was built around 1885 and remodeled 3 or 4 times. His father lived in the house until he was almost 10 years old. At that time, about 1910, Ernie's uncle Alex moved into it. A sunroom was added around 1942 to accommodate his aunt, who was in a train wreck and unable to walk for some time. The last time that Ernie was in the house was 1951. He says his aunt passed away shortly afterwards and left the home to her brother (family name of Senifit). Ernie does not have any pictures of the home, and all of his dad’s family who lived there are dead. 


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