Higdon, Joseph Leonard Homestead in Globe, AZ

Jo Dalmolin is the daughter of Joseph Leonard Higdon (born March 6, 1892; died 1933). She is pictured below outside of the Higdon homestead in Globe, Arizona. Both Jo and her father were born in this house.

Jo Dalmolin copy

From left: Anna Mae Jones Bogart (her mother was Nadine Higdon), George Dalmolin (Jo’s husband), and Jo Higdon Dalmolin

The picture that Anna and Jo are holding is of Hugh and Dollie Higdon, their grandparents. Below is an excerpt regarding Dollie (Olive Frances Tidwell) Higdon:

"Decatur Neffe, his daughter, Sarah Jane, and her husband, Silas Tidwell, with their two daughters, Dollie, age 9, and Nellie age 5, came from Nebraska and Kentucky via Pinos Altos, N.M. to the old town of McMillan in 1875. Silas Tidwell was a millwright and set up a silver stamp mill in that area. The family then moved to a location about 12 miles southwest of McMillan where he operated another mill...

In 1890, Dollie Tidwell married Hugh L. Higdon, who at age 16, with a younger brother, Edgar, came to Livingstone with an uncle to work on a farm. Higdon helped fight a fire that destroyed practically the whole of Globe in 1882. The Higdons became the parents of Joseph, born in 1892; Joyce, born in 1893; Louis, born in 1895; Hester, born in 1897; Doris, born in 1899; and Nadine, born in 1901. Hester died as an infant." (page 98 and 99 of ?)

Jo Higdon Dalmolin is the daughter of Joseph Leonard Higdon and his wife Mayme Maria Maher. Anna Mae Jones Bogart (Bogard?) shown above on the left is the daughter of Nadine "Sammy" Higdon who married Fred H. Jones. 

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