Higdons Store, GA

So far, these two images seem to be the only extant photos of Higdon Store. It was located in the valley just below Mr. Moriah Baptist Church.

The history of a place is frequently the history of a family. A good example is Higdon Store in Fannin County, Georgia, which provided a post office within a general store.

Reese Sebastian "Bass" Higdon, son of Leonard Higdon and Mary Ann McClure, established a post office and became the first postmaster for Higdon's Store, Georgia, on February 4, 1888. He and his wife Nora Fain moved to Oklahoma in the early 1890s.

At that time, his brother William Thomas Higdon and his wife Mary Elmira Arp operated the post office and store until October 31, 1914. William sold the store to the youngest brother Samuel Newton Higdon; he and his wife Delia Sisson kept it until the 1930s. 

Higdon Store, Georgia, was renamed to Higdon, Georgia, on July 1, 1950. By the late 1960s, that post office as well as many other rural routes were abandoned with the mail being routed through the post office at Blue Ridge, Georgia. 

Walter Quillan Higdon, oldest son William Thomas “Bill” Higdon and Mary Elmira Arp was one of the many Higdons who grew up around Higdon Store, GA, along with quite a few Higdons who were born in the back room of the store.

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