Higdonville High School in Macon County, NC

Higdonville High School in Macon County, North Carolina

Jack Moore, a descendant of William Huffman Higdon through his son Joshua, sent this photograph of the Higdonville High School in Macon County, North Carolina. The high school was torn down about 1950. In the years just prior to its demolition, the newly formed Higdonville Baptist Church reportedly used the building for their Sunday School classes. The church was built were the old school stood. A view of the Higdonville Baptist Church can be seen in a photograph taken at the 107th reunion of the descendants of Major William Huffman Higdon in 2002.

Jack's mother, as did her siblings, attended Higdonville High School. The principal from 1915 through 1918 was Professor Robert L. Madison, who later went on to help found a college, now known as Western Carolina University, in neighboring Jackson County. Madison may be one of the people in the photograph. Any help identifying these people would be greatly appreciated.

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