Higdonville, NC, 1940 girls' basketball team

Way before Title IX

1940s girls' basketball team from Higdonville, North Carolina

Here's a nice newspaper photograph, submitted by Denton Higdon, regarding a 1940 girls' basketball team from Higdonville, North Carolina. (Notice the "H" on the jerseys.)

The caption that appeared below the photograph reads:

CLOSE GOOD SEASON-- The elementary girls' basketball team of Higdonville School, shown above, has completed a successful season. Although six of the team's 10 games were played against high school groups, the Higdonville group lost only four games. It has a record of shooting 162 points, as against 131 by its opponents. In the picture, from left: back row, Jacqueline Evitt, Virginia Moses, Betty Sue McDowell, Rosalee Mashburn, and Frances Moses; middle row, Margaret Berry, Captain Annie Laurie Moses, and Patty Holland; front row, Carolyn Bryson. 

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