Higdon Tips for Intermediate to Advanced Genealogists

The following tips specifically about Higdons and their descendants come from a variety of Higdons and their descendants conducting genealogy research on the Higdon Family.

1) A research note from Jo Ann Smith: Not “Clemetine" Higdon

About 45 years ago, when I first began doing family research, I spent a lot of time interviewing older family members. Also I began a search of records. But in the beginning, I was somewhat naive about how to go about compiling information. In 1970, I did my first little booklet about my Mom's family and gave it to her on her birthday. Everyone seemed delighted with this.

My great-grandfather, William H. Higdon had a daughter whom all my uncles called "Aunt Sis." [She had married James W. Gribble. She was born 26 September 1852 and died in July 1932.] When I asked one of my uncles what her real name was, he told me "Clementine," and I felt sure he knew, so I wrote this down and listed her in Leonard Higdon of Anson County, North Carolina, and His Descendants, which I published in 1982. Later, much to my regret, I discovered this was a mistake!

Now every time I pick up another publication about the William H. Higdon family, I find a daughter "Clementine" listed. Her name may have been Mary Elender Higdon. I take full responsibility for the error. It really taught me a lesson to always double-check information before circulating it to others.

2) A research note from Jo Ann Smith: Is it Hoffman or Huffman

The middle name of William H. Higdon sometimes is listed as Hoffman and sometimes as Huffman. The reason for this is that his mother's German family line originally was spelled "Hoffman", but because it was pronounced "Huffman" many of the records found in NC for this family used "Huffman". The father of William H. Higdon's wife Eve was Samuel (Sammy) Hoffman/Huffman? of Burke County NC, and most records refer to him as Samuel Huffman. Thus, there has been some confusion about this name. When I first began my research on the Higdons, I was told that the name was “ offman" but then I began to find the name "Huffman." If anyone has more information about this name, perhaps it could be shared with the readers of the website. 


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