Select Restoration Methods for Genealogy Artifacts (Heirlooms, Memorabilia, and so on)

The top two images below, at left, side-by-side, and not framed with a black line are images of an image scan of an original tintype photograph, and, at right, a digital image of a repaired & restored photograph set in an original style oval-in-rectangle frame. How did the original top image, at left, become the digitally repaired & restored top image at right? The purpose of this website section is to show, and to explain, in a sequence of 10 photo image displays, the reasons and techniques that resulted in the digital tintype top image at right.

repair & restoration side by side initial display.FLAT

This website section on photo repair and restoration, using an actual Higdon historical photograph, including the steps involved with the image post-processing and the textual commentary, was created by Frank Mayfield.

Below, in the thumbnail 10 image display  sequence, please find in the first image display a photo of Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure that was used for two decades by the Higdon Family Association Website. The second image display in the sequence is a side-by-side comparison of lo-res and hi-res scans of a single image captured before the first image. What you see after the first two sequence display images are photos highlighting several different steps in the post-processing of the second image of the sequence, using a low resolution and a high resolution scan. This second image displayed in the thumbnail sequence was captured with a specialized tintype camera back when Leonard & Mary Ann were at age somewhere in their 40s and in some type of portable studio setting. In the remaining sequence image displays, you see 9  distinct points in the photo retouching process. There were many, many more action points. However, these 9 points plus the final restored image give you an excellent overview of the repair & restore process.

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