Higdon, Samuel (b.1822) - and Polly Queen Higdon

Samuel Higdon and Polly Queen Higdon

Samuel Higdon (2 July 1822 - 21 April 1915) was the son of Leonard Higdon and Eve Hoffman, of Jackson County, in Western North Carolina. He married Polly Queen, born 24 July 1828. Samuel Higdon moved, as did his brothers Leonard and Thomas, from Jackson County, North Carolina, to Gilmer County, Georgia, sometime before 1850 (1); and then on to Fannin County, Georgia, where Leonard was twice elected County Sheriff.

Samuel Higdon served the Confederacy during the Civil War as a Captain in the Coast Guards of the Georgia Militia. His Commission was signed on 5 October 1861 by the Governor Joseph E. Brown, and by the State Adjutant General, Henry Wayne.

In 1886, Samuel Higdon was elected to the Georgia State Senate to represent the Forty-first District. He defeated Ben Drugger in the election. Samuel Higdon finally moved his family to the Alaculsey Valley area of Murray County, Georgia sometime between 1891 and 1893. Samuel Higdon and his wife Polly (Queen) Higdon are buried at Mt. Sumach Cemetery, near Cisco, Georgia.

The photograph and information above are reprinted with permission from the document The Samuel Higdon Family, His Ancestors and North Georgia Descendants by Charles William Higdon. According to the introduction, Samuel Higdon was a seventh generation descendant of early colonist John Higdon of Saint Mary’s County, Maryland. (2)

1) March 29, 2003: Jo Ann Smith shares the following information. Samuel Higdon was living in Haywood County, North Carolina, in 1850, according to the 1850 Census. (Jackson County had not been formed in 1850. It was formed later from portions of Haywood and Macon Counties.) Samuel Higdon served as Constable in Haywood County, North Carolina (see Samuel Higdon’s legal bond as Constable). Sometime after 1850, he left North Carolina and went to Gilmer County, Georgia. 

2) March 28, 2003: Charles W. Higdon bases the connection to John Higdon on strong circumstantial evidence.  

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