Higdon, AL - founding

Thomas Walker Higdon

Joseph Higdon shares that Higdon, Alabama is located on Sand Mountain in Jackson County. The Higdon cemetery is located on Jackson County Road 92. The settlers in this area were James Blackburn Higdon and one of his sons, Thomas Walker Higdon, the first postmaster for the town of Higdon.

The photograph to the left is reprinted from the December 1985 Higdon Family Association  Newsletter. According to the newsletter, the post office was established on July 28, 1882 at which time Thomas Walker Higdon (at right) was appointed postmaster. See also Denton Higdon’s Trip to Higdon, Alabama, 2008

In February 2003, a web page was added for Decatur Calvin Higdon, brother of Thomas Walker Higdon. Decatur's page includes a short descendant chart.

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