2017 HFA Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA

Faye S. Higdon, our current HFA President, invites all members of the Higdon Family Association to meet in Alexandria, VA, for our 2017 Annual HFA Meeting, from Thursday, 14 September through Sunday, 17 September 2017 (3 nights), at the Hampton Inn & Suites Alexandria Old Town Area South. Our HFA rate is $109 per night for standard room with two queen sized beds. Room Tax is 12.00% ($109 + $13.08 = $122.08). King Studio Suites are available at a higher rate. 

 If you’d like to join us for an interesting and enjoyable three day series of events and meetings, you can get more information by clicking this link: 


This Hamption Inn is located at 5821 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia, 22303

FAX: +1-703-329-1424   USA TEL: +1-703-329-1400   

IMPORTANT:  Please be advised when making your reservation for the Higdon Family Association meeting in Alexandria to call 703-329-1400, then hold for someone or press "0". The front desk at this hotel can place the reservation with the HFA discount room rate. If you press "1", you will be sent to the national reservation desk and they cannot place the reservation with the discount rate. 

Below are image links to more information on our 2017 HFA Annual Meeting: 

The PDF file is our 2017 HFA Annual Meeting Registration Form to fill out online and then print out and mail in (Safari, Chrome), OR to print out and then hand fill-in and mail in (Firefox). Either way, once completed, mail the filled-out form with check or money order to the address of Faye Higdon as listed on the form. 

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